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The Pre-education programme has existed since 2005 and the Post-graduate progamme since 2012.

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onsdag den 26. september 2012

Reflections from a former student!

Dear Morten and Lotte

I wanted to send you a little greeting. I have thought of you several times because I have realized the benefits I have received after my year at the school. Because of that I want to say THANK YOU!

When I was in the middle of it all I couldn't see how much I had advanced and I never really found my place in the group. Now that I'm on my own, I feel the great difference. I would never be where I am now with out you behind me.

I have just started again after six months of illness and six weeks of summer holiday with three hours of intensive training daily to get back into shape.

Therefore I have once again reflected on my life in dance, and when I once again thought of you, I decided to let you know how grateful I am.

So thank you for everything  - I wish you a good start with the new students.

Many warm thoughts from

2 kommentarer:

  1. It is really important for dancers to always look back and be thankful to their mentors, no matter how far they’ve already come. Mentors are the ones who mold their students’ personality, confidence and ability in dancing, and I believe that they do deserve to be commended after every success and achievement.

    Tyson Sieger

  2. Thank you for your thoughts Tyson Sieger. You are absolutely right - all through life reflection is important. It helps us grow.