CCDS offers professional one-year education programmes for career oriented contemporary dancers.
The Pre-education programme has existed since 2005 and the Post-graduate progamme since 2012.

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fredag den 20. januar 2012

Dance scholarships!

Some of our students have to seek financial funding to support their living costs as students. Our experience has shown that it is worthwhile putting some effort into researching and applying for dance scholarships.

Two of our current students Jesper Nilsson and Michelle H. Flagstad applied and were awarded scholarships for their work in 2011. Both Jesper and Michelle are hard-working, dedicated and very structured students. We are really proud of them! 

Jesper Nilsson is from Sweden. In the summer/autumn of 2011 he applied for and received two scholarships in support of his dream to become a professional dancer. The first scholarship was a 1.000-euro, cultural scholarship from his hometown, called Skurups Kommuns Kulturstipendium. The second one was a 500-euro scholarship from Rune Ljungdahls Stiftelse.

Michelle H. Flagstad is from Norway. Unfortunately, the Norwegian student financing system does not support Michelle’s education at CCDS. Michelle researched into different funds and applied for several scholarships. As a result she was awarded 20.000 NOK from G9alt fond by Sparebank1 as well as a 15.000 NOK scholarship from Tom Wilhelmsens Stiftelse to develop as dancer. Michelle says she is very grateful for the support, and for the fact that dancers are able to get scholarships - not just musicians, artists and athletes. 

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