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The Pre-education programme has existed since 2005 and the Post-graduate progamme since 2012.

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fredag den 20. januar 2012

Student profile: Jesper Nilsson

I come from Rydsgård, Skåne, Sweden. I started dancing, mostly breakdance and street dance, when I was 11 years old. At age 16, I auditioned and was enrolled in the three-year Dance Artist education at Lund School of Performing Arts. I had taken quite a few workshops previously with various choreographers and dancers from all over the world. I had also performed in the musical; Fiddler on the Roof which was set up in Lund, Sweden and danced in opening shows and promotional commercials for a radio station in Sweden.

Since my enrolment in CCDS I have continued to live at home in Sweden and take the train to Copenhagen every day; A journey that takes about one hour.

It's very exciting being a student at CCDS because of the ever-changing schedule of different guest teachers coming in! I love it! And you really get the good individual constructive criticism that you want and need to be able to change and achieve an insane amount of improvement in just one year.

I wanted to study at CCDS because it offers an opportunity to receive really good individual coaching and great tools to improve in a very short space of time. It really gives you a great awareness of your body and what you need to warm up and be able to do your best!

During my study year at CCDS I expect to gain a higher level of maturity in my way of moving and thinking when I dance and to develop an even higher level of technique and flexibility than I already have.

After this year I plan to audition for Modern Dance Theatre, Island Academy of the Arts, Khio and SEAD.

Jesper Nilsson, 2012

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