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torsdag den 22. november 2012

My vocabulary of dance

My vocabulary of dance

Dance requires vocation, knowledge and skill for your body as well as your mind. Dance demands the whole you - not only your brain and body - It demands your heart and soul and becomes a poetic and dramatic explosion.

I will sacrifice myself to the movement, so that I am pure and clean enough to step on stage and take the audience under my skin - so deep that they can taste my soul.  

A little naive girl stood in the corner of a studio in Copenhagen, where her dreams crashed but also where she learned to dream. It was a warm morning in August 2008; She was sweating and trying to keep up with all the tall ballerinas. But every time they went left, she went right. The teacher screamed and the only thing, the young girl wanted, was to keep up with the others. After the lessen an unknown elderly lady looked at her and said; “I was looking at you the whole class. You where dancing with your soul, you will need to remember that”.

A serious young woman took her first class with the legend Nini Theilade. She felt secure and nervous at the same time. In the class the teacher said to her out of the blue; “Many young girls come to me and ask me if I think they should dance. I say to them, if you’re meant to be an artist you would never be in doubt”.  

The two women’s words made a huge impression on me. They said two completely different sentences I will never forget. The first gave me confidence, will and love. The second story is my mantra. I have never doubted in who I am, I have questioned it a lot of times, but I’m not in doubt.

I’ve grown a lot as a dancer. I know my body in and out, and I’m on a wonderful journey exploring movement and I’m still hungry for more learning. I’m playful with my surroundings and try to find loopholes where I can show a part of me.

I believe movement can never be set or dictated by anyone. You need to find your tools and figure out what moves you; I need to share things with others -  I move to share with others as much as I move for myself. My movements aren’t private. I want them to be joined with and questioned by others. 

I see myself as a storyteller - Every time I dance, I add a word to my vocabulary.

- Nanna Jensen

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